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Easily Jailbreak iPhone 4 6.1 Without Special Tools or Knowledge

There is a lot of skepticism surrounding Jailbreak iPhone 4 6.1 because it has been missing for a longer than usual period. However, we now have a new piece of software that was just released which will provide users an untethered and permanent jailbreak for their iPhone 4 running 6.1 iOS firmware.

In the past, when iPhone was first introduced, hardware tampering was required to jailbreak the device. Jailbreaking iPhone 4 will allow you to remove the restrictions placed by Apple for downloading third party software. When iPhone was the only smart phone in the market, the apps and tools from App store seemed sufficient. However, there are a number of other smart phones in the industry and many third party websites provide free download of interesting apps and tools. Without jailbreaking your phone, you can’t possibly imagine downloading these interesting tweaks. Jailbreaking allows you to uncover the true potential of your iPhone as you will be able to access iOS core with the jailbreak tweaks. Simple tweaks can result in major performance improvement and if you are an avid iPhone user, you should definitely give jailbreaking a try.

Can You Jailbreak iPhone 4 6.1?

The main reason behind the success of iPhone 4 jailbreak is that you can easily develop third party tools and apps. The jailbreak store Cydia houses thousands of apps and many of them are available for free. The features of paid apps on App store can be obtained for free from Cydia store. The jailbreak app store is populated with numerous interesting apps that dig deep into the iOS operating system.

App developers too now prefer developing apps exclusively for jailbreak users because they have the freedom of extending and expanding iOS features. Apple heavily moderates apps and tools that can be downloaded from the App store. This means that developers don’t have necessary freedom to develop truly useful apps. The phone manufacturer is keen on locking down features of iOS operating system so that those features can be included later with new iOS updates and new hardware. With access to iOS core, developers can easily bring out these features and Apple is not interested in allowing them. That is why, there are so many useful tools in the jailbreak app store because developers are free to create any app of their choice. As long as the apps and tweaks are useful, they become popular with iPhone users.

With the App store, the developers have to pay a huge chunk of their profits to Apple when they succeed with their apps. This too dampens the mood of developers because they are not rewarded well for their efforts. In the jailbreak app store, most of the apps are free and they are loaded with useful ads which is a win-win for iPhone users, developers and advertisers.

Another reason for the popularity of iPhone 4 jailbreaking is that you can unlock iPhone 4 after jailbreaking it. As any third party software can be installed after jailbreak, you can download and use unlock software to use any SIM card of your choice with your phone. The freedom from expensive monthly contracts is a good enough reason to Jailbreak iPhone 4 6.1. The best part of jailbreaking is that the jailbreak app store Cydia and Apple’s app store co-exist in the same device. This means that you have nothing to lose and so much to gain once you discover the benefits of jailbreaking your iPhone 4.

Step By Step Guide To Jailbreak iPhone 4 6.1

To jailbreak the iPhone 4, you have to use software that is designed to jailbreak your device. The freeware tools can be easily downloaded from internet, but most of them are loaded with other malicious programs that are developed to cause damage to your phone and computer. If you are able to find virus free freeware programs, you will find that the tools are not developed for the iOS firmware for your device. In that case, you have to upgrade or downgrade iOS firmware with extreme caution in order to work with freeware jailbreak tools. You also need to learn everything about how to Jailbreak iPhone 4 6.1 for free before proceeding.

  • To safely jailbreak your device, go to this website and download reliable software.
  • Install and open the software and follow it’s prompts.
  • Connect iPhone to your computer with USB cable.
  • Launch the jailbreaking software and click on Browse to choose iOS 6.1 firmware on your computer.
  • Wait until iTunes completes restoring your device. You may get some errors during the process, but ignore those errors and continue with Jailbreak iPhone 4 6.1.
  • Reboot your iPhone after following the software prompts and instructions
  • Look for Cydia on spring board and enjoy jailbroken iPhone.

Jailbreak iPhone 4 6.1 Easily Within A Few Minutes With Trusted Software

No technical support can be expected if you use freeware tools for jailbreaking your device. So, if you have trouble with free jailbreak, all you can do is restore the device and restart the free tool over and over again. Instead of risking your phone by exposing it to unreliable software tools, we recommend that you use automatic software to jailbreak iPhone 4. With this software, you will be able to jailbreak your device in a few minutes. The jailbreak you get is completely untethered and your iPhone need not be hooked with a computer for every reboot. The software is updated constantly so that new iOS updates are always jailbroken on the day of release. You will also get technical support from the software development team for any queries regarding jailbreaking.

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