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How To Jailbreak iOS6 iPhone 4 – Software & Instructions Included

With the recent changes Apple has pushed out, many users want to jailbreak iOS 6 on their iPhone 4. While there are few solutions to this problem, the steps below will do it all for you.

Do not be afraid of the word jailbreak thinking it to be something that is illegal as the word connotes images of inmates trying to break away from jail. Jailbreak is just a simple modification done on your iPhone that removes many of the restrictions that are placed upon it by the manufacturer. If you had any apprehensions in this regard, forget them as jailbreak iPhone 4 iOS 6 has been declared as perfectly legal by those who matter, that are the authorities in the country. Do not assume jailbreak to be any physical activity like opening the lock of a room with keys. In fact, it is done by changing the operating system of the device a bit. These set of instructions are given to the iOS in the form of software and the entire process takes just a few minutes to free the phone from the restrictions imposed upon it by the manufacturer.

Reasons To Jailbreak iOS6 iPhone 4/4S
All of us know that smartphones are used mostly for the wonderful apps they are able to run. And iPhones are no exception. Apple has made arrangements to see that its customers do not have to run here and there for apps and they #can easily download apps from the specially made app store that contains more than a hundred thousand apps at present. But what irritates customers is that they do not have the freedom to download interesting apps they like from anywhere else other than this app store. On top of this binding is the fact that they are made to pay for some apps that are available for free on some websites on the internet.  Jailbreaking your iPhone 4 running iOS 6 removes this restriction and the user finds that he can now get an app from any website easily thus saving him money as well.

Ask any iPhone 4S/4 owner about whether he is satisfied by the level of customization he is able to achieve with his gadget and you are sure to get a negative reply. The reason behind this disappointment is not difficult to fathom. Apple does not like the idea of customization and at best allows downloading of some themes and wallpapers and that too from its app store. In comparison, one look at other smartphones and you are surprised to see how different an owner can turn his home screen to make his phone as unique as he wants. It is only after jailbreaking iOS6 that an iPhone owner realizes what he had been missing till now.

Once an iPhone owner realizes what he stands to get in lieu of a simple iOS6 modification called jail breaking, he readily agrees for the same and looks for ways to have a safe and efficient jail break performed on his phone. But even a simple process like jailbreak can sometimes backfire in the form damaged gadget or the software catching virus. This is why it is advisable not to attempt forcing a change in the iOS until you are fully confident about your knowledge about the procedure.  There are many companies providing services for jailbreak in exchange for a small amount of money. Take a look at the following tutorial that one can try for his iPhone 4 already updated to  iOS 6:

Step 1: Download the software from: Official iOS6 Jailbreak
Step 2: Connect your gadget with the internet using USB port
Step 3: Open the browser on your iPhone and log on to the website of JailbreakMe.com
Step 4 iOS 6: Download the right version depending upon the baseband of your iPhone 4
Step 5: Unzip the file and place it in a folder by the same name on your desktop
Step 6: Run the software that begins the process of jailbreak
Step 7: Once you see the message that Cydia has been added to your home screen, you can relax as you finally have a jail broken phone
Step 8: Press OK and close the browser

Using Software To Jailbreak iOS6 Firmware
It goes without saying that jailbreak iPhone 4 iOS 6 makes the phone more functional and removes many of the irritating restrictions placed by Apple upon its customers. However, the fact that many customers have suffered as they got their phones bricked while trying to complete the process on their own suggests one should exercise caution.  Proceed with your plans to jailbreak only when you are sure about the company’s reputation and reliability of its tool. For that reason, we only suggest downloading from the company linked to in step number one!

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